Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Varia/Livia Sword and Sheath

This is a wonderful, medium-weight resin prop sword with lovely detail on the hilt. This gold-handled sword was seen used by Livia and also by Varia in Path of Vengeance when it was revealed that Ares gave her the sword. The sheath is an Amazon-style sheath that Varia carries the sword in and can be clearly seen in many parts of the episode, especially near the end when she walks away after choosing not to kill Xena. Screencaps to follow.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Xena FIN Metal Higuchi Militia Katana

All I can say is...WOW. What a beautiful sword! This was obtained at the IAW online sale and is a metal version of the Higuchi militia katanas. The blade is not sharp but is very shiny and has a lovely intricate design etched into the blade. The sheath is separate and has its own detailed dragon-themed design. There is a slight blue tinge to the metal accents. This sword is exceptionally heavy. There were many different katanas used in FIN. The blue tinged versions were carried by the Higuchi Militia, of which Gabrielle was the leader after Xena went after Miromoto. Gab's sword is a Higuchi Militia sword but the propmasters used a blue cloth on her katana to distinguish it from the rest of the army's weapons. In some cases the blue cloth is glued on so as to not come off. If you have a sword without the blue cloth (only a handful were made), it is not a Gab sword but a Higuchi Militia sword. I have a resin version of Gabrielle's katana also in this section but it does not have the same detail as the metal versions. Check out Barbie's blog; she has Gab's metal katana from the IAW sale. The craftsmanship on them both is simply stunning.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FIN Red and Black Stunt Katanas

Stunt katanas from the series finale, Friend in Need. These are sooooo cool...hard to describe just how great they look in person! Each one is made of a heavy resin material with leather wrapped handles. The end where the blade would be is "sealed," so these were most likely used in the sheaths and were not designed to be removed. Great craftsmanship!Since the ends are deliberately “sealed,” we suspect they were not meant to be drawn or wielded. It is possible that they were used by the drum beaters right before Xena is first attacked by Yodoshi’s army arrows coming at her but it is not definite that this is where they were used. They do look to be the same style and size but this is merely a guess.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Xena's Cut-Off Sword!

Here is a lovely and treasured item! This is a broken (cut-off) version of Xena's signature sword, originally purchased from the IAW online Yahoo sales back in 2001. The COA from IAW states this sword to be "Xena's Longer Broken Sword." There were a few episodes in which Xena's sword was broken, and I'm not sure exactly which one this particular sword was used in. It is made of a very hard resin and is fairly heavy for only being a partial sword. The paua shells and details are all intact. Gorgeous prop!