Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gabrielle's Metal Katana -FIN

This may be my favorite prop weapon of all time. This is the metal katana used by Gabrielle in the series finale, Friend in Need. I also have a resin version, but this metal sword is a true testament to the amazing craftsmanship of the prop department. Check out the detail etched into the blade! Gab draws this sword for her closeup in the scene when she defends Xena from the Ghost Killer, who she thinks at that time is an enemy.

There has been some confusion over some of the militia swords sold after the show ended. Most of them went to the Turner sale, but Gab's did not. Gab's katana is very easily distinguishable from the Higuchi Militia katanas even though they had some blue on them. Gab's were all sold through IAW (online Yahoo auction), and all have the blue cloth tied to them. The other militia katanas are bluish for the Higuchi warriors, yellow for the bad guys :-). Gabrielle's sword accents were also a slightly different shade.

The IAW COA for this one states that it is Gabrielle's metal militia katana from the Final Episodes. Lovely (and functional) sword!