Thursday, September 3, 2009

Queen Varia Spear

This is such a lovely and well-detailed prop that I know my photos cannot do it justice! This is the spear (or one of them) carried by Queen Varia as she addresses the Amazon council in Path of Vengeance. There were usually more than one of a prop made in case of breakage, which is why one-off props are so rare. This prop is made of polished wood and heavy resin, with a lovely resin "jewel" in the spearhead and wooden beads as accents. Truly one of the crowning pieces in my collection! This spear is broken in the center and the very end of the spear is missing. I was told it was thrown out by the crew member who owned it because they thought nobody would want to save the broken end! We believe this is the spear that was broken by Gabrielle (over her knee) in her challenge to Varia as the onscreen scene shows it broken in the same exact place. If so, then the fact that it is broken only adds to its "value" in the eyes of this collector. Enjoy!

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